In The pocket!

1. Pushing Buttons.

2. Twisting Knobs.

3. Making Music.

This project for young people in Shetland provided 8 free weekly music making sessions to explore and get creative learning to use some of Teenage Engineering's small, portable synthesisers, drum machines and samplers. 


This track was made using sounds and rhythms all created, programmed and performed by the participants during the last three project sessions. The learning which took place during the project is well demonstrated by the music the young people all helped to create. 


The project used these calculator size portable micro synthesisers and rhythm machines that fit in your pocket.

The different models, while looking similar, produce many different sounds. Participants learned to use them on their own using the built in speaker and headphones, before we then hooked them all up together to jam together. 

Project Lead - David Boyter

A Shetland based musician and educator with  two decades of experience working in music education, David has worked extensively with people of all ages, helping individuals and groups to learn to play and create with instruments, and to understand and use music technology.  

In The Pocket! - was part of The Scottish Government’s Youth Music Initiative (YMI) which is administered by Creative Scotland. The YMI creates access to high quality music making opportunities, enables young people to achieve their potential in or through music and supports the development of the sector for the benefit of young people.