This project was a remote learning opportunity for young people to explore music recording and programming techniques by learning to use the award winning and free software BandLab. 

Over 18 weekly sessions participants engaged in learning about song structure, tempo, sequence programming, instrumentation, recording techniques and equipment, basic mixing and effects processing.

With covid restrictions in place this project was designed as a regular opportunity for young people to get together online and explore musical interests, to collaborate and to learn a new creative skill. 

Project Feedback

"I liked making tunes out of the instruments on bandlab."

"I enjoyed collaborating, using different apps and links, learning how to use different instruments and learning how to use reverb and how to record your own instruments. I liked using quantise as well."

"I liked when we listened to music and found it’s different tempos." 

"I definitely enjoyed working as a group."

"I liked when we had 3 minutes to find and record a random sound and then edit it." 

"I liked when we were learning BandLab's Features."

SoundLab was funded by the Scottish Government’s Small Grants Scheme through Creative Scotland. The Small Grants Scheme aimed to create work opportunities for freelance artists and creative practitioners and to provide arts activities for children and young people, especially those most affected by COVID-19.

Header photo by Omar Prestwich